Thank You!

Just a small note to say thanks to all of our past customers who made our business such a great success.  After having DJ'd for more than 30 years, it is now time to call it quits. Those two faces you see above are now the faces we interact with every weekend instead of new brides and grooms who are getting married.  We will miss meeting those brides and grooms and working to help make their big day a memorable experience in at lease a small way. It's been a great 12 years here in the DFW area in the wedding industry. Aside from the kiddos, Tony will continue to satisfy his need to mix music by continuing to learn digital production. Amanda will begin working her marketing business as well as a few other endeavors she's exploring. Of course, we will keep one full set up in case someone in our family or friends needs wedding services or if we are offered ridiculous cash to DJ an event. Other than that, we will sell off a few items and begin a new chapter in our lives. God bless you all and thanks again.


You may still reach us at our email: info @  groovin dj .com  It's a shame we have to add spaces to prevent spammers from using bots to email us. Simply copy the address and remove spaces.


"I'm doing all right, getting good grades.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades" - Timbuck 3

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